About Keymea Yazdanian

I am a British-Iranian Photographer interested in notions of cultural identity and visual language. My personal projects and research stem from a place close to my heart and close to my own identity as a duel citizen. Tired of the stigmatised, politically biased and aggressive images built of Iran I wanted my work to represent another side of Iran, where more illuminating and honest narratives can be told about the country and its people. A vision of Iran by somebody who loves it.

My portfolio extends to travel, portrait and documentary photography. I also take commissions and work on collaborative projects both in the UK and abroad. 

She Who Tells

An intimate look at women in private spaces in Iran. Looking at the vast array of female sensibility that lies beneath the surface and a celebration of the strength of women in Iran. These images celebrate Iranian women and the tenacity and defiance they show in moulding themselves and their identity in a country that marginalises them.